Once you have placed the order, make a transfer/deposit into the account

and send us a copy to the e-mail or send us a fax to the number +34 966 88 88 55 do not forget to specify your name and surname in addition to the order number. IMPORTANT! We will not accept any document that does not include our account number.

Once you confirm the purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a secure HTTPS server, where you can proceed with the payment. You will need the card number, expiration date and security number found on the back of your card.
New payment in one click! Now you only have to enter your card details the first time, for your next purchases you only have to enter the code that comes to the phone associated with the card, more information here.

Pay your order to the shipping company upon receipt. This form of payment entails a commission (by the transport company) for the management of the collection and sending of the money to our company of 2.9 euros for orders under 150 euros, and a commission of 4.9 euros for orders between 151 and 300 euros. From this amount the commission charged by Seur is 2% of the total. It is part of the commission that applies to us the companies of urgent transport for the management and forwarding of the amount. THE ORDERS SUPERIOR TO 600 EUROS CANNOT BE SENT BY THIS FORM OF PAYMENT.

Pay your order with your Paypal account. It is EXTREMELY MANDATORY that the shipping address you have in Paypal is the same as the shipping address of the order. This method of payment has a commission from Paypal, before finalizing the order you can check the amount of commission, as it is calculated directly by the system and shown before confirming it.

Fast, transparent and easy are the three features that we have decided to offer you this new payment method.